Current Practices

The table below lists the number of Australian and New ZealandWIM sites by type  (as at March 2010).

Table: WIM sites of each type within Australia and New Zealand
Jurisdiction Culway Plate-in-road Piezoelectric
NSW 11 13 5
VIC 17 1* 2
QLD 19 2 33
SA 8
WA 8 3
TAS 4 3
NT 6
NZ 14

*Owned by EastLink.

Source: Compiled by ARRB from the National WIM Forum in Melbourne in March 2010.


The network coverage within each jurisdiction is illustrated in the figures below.  Queensland has the largest network coverage because of its network structure and the locations of freight origins and destinations.

Figure: NSW WIM Network

NSW WIM Network

Source: RTA 2010

Figure: Victoria WIM network

VIC WIM Network

Source: VicRoads (via email 2010).

Figure: Queensland WIM Network

QLD WIM Network

Source: TMR 2008b

Figure: Western Australia WIM network

WA WIM Network

Source: MRWA 2008  Note 2010 figure could not have been presented at 2008 workshop.

Figure: South Australia WIM network

SA WIM Network

Source: DTEI 2010

Figure: Northern Territory WIM network

NT WIM Network

Source: DLP 2008

Figure: Tasmania WIM network

TAS WIM Network

Source: DIER 2010

Figure: New Zealand WIM network

NZN WIM Network

NZS WIM Network

Source: NZTA 2010




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