Integration with Other Applications

High-speed WIM systems can be integrated with other systems for a range of applications.

Two examples are as follows (Austroads 2013):

  • HSEMU this system automatically classifies, measures dimensions (length, height and width) and weighs each vehicle as it passes a HSEMU site at highway speed. In NSW, the unit is used as a screening system. Every heavy vehicle is diverted with a roadside advisory sign to a left-hand HSEMU lane and checked for compliance to pre-defined weight and dimension parameters. Vehicles that conform to the HSEMU check are diverted back to the traffic stream without stopping. Only those that fail the compliance tests are diverted to a static weighbridge for further checking.
  • ANPR this system consists of a number of video cameras to recognise the image of a heavy vehicle and identify the number plate using image processing techniques. It is used to detect heavy vehicles that violate one or more regulations such as speeding, being unregistered or a stolen vehicle, causing pollution if integrated with a pollutant sensor, or being overloaded if integrated with WIM systems. The figure below shows a WIM site combined with an ANPR system.
Figure: Integration of ANPR and WIM technologies

Fig 3.1

Source: TMR 2008a

Also WIM technologies integrated with other technologies such as e-tolling, transponder reader, over-height detection, weather monitoring stations can improve safety, security, operational efficiency, and mobility on the freight transportation system (see Smart Roadside Initiative; US Department of Transport, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.)

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