Data Logging and Classification Systems

This section provides some examples of WIM data logging and classification systems including ViperWIM Classifier, RAKTEL 8010 Universal Traffic Event Logger, and Hi-Trac 100 High-Speed Traffic WIM and Classification System.

ViperWIM Classifier

The ViperWIM Classifier is manufactured by Applied Traffic in the United Kingdom and contains sensor interface hardware with high resolution and accuracy.  It also has 2 GB of memory, full networking capabilities, multi‑layer security and an internal clock with GPS accuracy, about one second in a million years.

The system features up to eight lane operation, real time viewing of live traffic, waveform viewing, system diagnostics and configuration via its integrated touch screen panel or via a locally connected laptop computer.

Ethernet and IP over GPRS connectivity enables each individual standalone system to be integrated into a complete scalable system.  The system includes serial RS232 connectivity for streaming local real-time vehicle-by-vehicle data to an ANPR data pairing server.  It also has full serial connectivity for GPRS, GSM and landline modems, along with the addition of high-speed USB connectivity for local connection.  The ViperWIM Classifier also comes with four individually configurable output triggers for switching/triggering information displays, cameras or video systems.

Vehicle detection is via Roadtrax BL piezoelectric sensors and one inductive loop per lane, on up to four or eight lanes of live traffic.

The ViperWIM Classifier can be configured for a number of purposes:

  • high-speed WIM pre-selection of overloaded vehicles
  • proactive enforcement of overweight vehicles with integrated ANPR
  • overweight vehicle detection for restricted zones and infrastructure protection
  • bridge and elevated roadway load monitoring and protection
  • statistical data gathering to record the pattern of highway traffic loading
  • overweight vehicle driver alerting and road safety applications
  • ITS real time incident detection, congestion monitoring and active traffic management.

RAKTEL 8010 Universal Traffic Event Logger

RAKTEL 8010 is manufactured by Mikros Systems in South Africa and is a modular card rack (19" 3U) system.  This allows flexible configuration and serviceability.  The RAKTEL 8010 can be used for a wide range of applications varying from HSWIM, AVC and loop only traffic monitoring.  The RAKTEL 8010 supports most modern communication channels and modes and is itself supported by a complete set of software including the TelWin range, which provides a complete set-up, data extraction and monitoring function for both local and remote access, and the TrafBase range, which provides detailed data validation, processing, reporting and archiving.  The RAKTEL 8010 is notably suited for long term monitoring.  All RAKTEL models share interface cards and software which simplifies serviceability.

The RAKTEL 8010 interfaces capacitance, bending plate, piezo and piezo quartz HSWIM sensors.  It has multiple traffic logging options; vehicle-by-vehicle or bins by a variety of parameters such as speed and mass.  With the appropriate digital video equipment and the TelWinPlus program, video frame images of selected vehicles (per lane, type of violation) can be stored.

Data extraction and control can be local or remote via laptop or PC and the diagnostics feature complete local and remote sensor and system status monitoring with dynamic graphical display.

Hi-Trac 100 High-Speed Traffic WIM and Classification System

The Hi-Trac 100 high-speed traffic data collection system is manufactured by TDC Systems in the United Kingdom and provides a low cost means of recording vehicle classification and axle load data without interruption to traffic flow.

In the standard configuration, two piezoelectric sensors and one induction loop are installed in the highway per lane of detection.  The piezoelectric sensors measure axle speeds and inter-axle spacing.  The induction loop detects vehicle presence and measures the vehicle length.  If piezoelectric sensors are employed, axle weight data can also be recorded.

The system can be used as a statistical data gathering device to record the pattern of highway traffic loading.  It is also employed as a screening weighbridge to identify overloaded vehicles in the traffic stream.  In the latter configuration the output from the system controls traffic signals or diversion signs to intercept overloaded vehicles and direct them off the highway. 

The Hi-Trac 100 supports a number of different sensor and loop configurations and features include:

  • WIM and automatic vehicle counter/classifying (AVC) operation
  • classification of over 100 unique vehicle types
  • VBV data storage
  • advanced temperature compensation algorithm ensuring accuracy of weight data
  • high speed compressed vehicle data transmission at least 10 000 vehicle records per minute (typically 20 000)
  • four-lane operation as standard – expandable to eight-lanes
  • laptop and modem RS232 communication ports
  • telemetry output module for data download via mobile telephone network
  • viewing of sensor waveforms for fault diagnosis
  • CCTV and LPNR camera control including text insertion
  • RS485 communication port (data transmission up to 1 km).


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