Reference Documents

These documents have been made available by road and transport agencies, manufacturers and service providers. 

Bending Plate

Capacitance WIM


Data Logging and Processing

General WIM

Piezoelectric WIM

WIM Calibration

Bending Plate Reference Documents

EastLink O&M Manual PAT DAW 100_ELWC | 117 Kb PDF

EastLink PAT WIM System Basic Maintenance Manual_ELWIM | 538 Kb PDF

EastLink WIM Inst&Comm Manual_ELWC | 2.86 Mb PDF

Installation Instructions Stationary Weighpad_ELWC | 1.86 Mb PDF

IRD-PAT Bending Plate | 685 Kb PDF

Operation Manual Australia PAT DAW100_IRD | 616 Kb PDF

Capacitance WIM Reference Documents

Capacitive HSWIM Product Specification_Mikros | 747 Kb PDF

Capacitive Pad WIM Site Requirements_Mikros | 28 Kb PDF

Installation of Fixed Capacitive HSWIM Sensors_Mikros | 3.05 Mb PDF

Trouble Shooting Capacitive WIM Sensors_Mikros | 508 Kb PDF

Culway Reference Documents

Calibration Procedures_Pentagon | 937 Kb PDF

CULWAY II Brochure_ARRB | 95 Kb PDF

Culway WIM Calibration Drift and Normalisation_DTEI | 909 Kb PDF

Culway WIM Calibration Drift - Comparison of Sites_DTEI | 1.39 Mb PDF

Guide to the Design of Culway_MRWA.pdf | 351 Kb PDF

Metadata for WIM Culway Data from MRWA | 113 Kb PDF

Data Logging and Processing Reference Documents

AASHTO Guidelines for Traffic Data Programs_AASHTO | 545 Kb PDF

Best Practive in Road Use Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting_Austroads AP-G84-04 | 761 Kb PDF

HI-TRAC 100 HSWIM and Classification System Brochure_TDC | 198 Kb PDF 

HI-TRAC 100 HSWIM and Classification System Overview_TDC | 1.92 Mb PDF

HI-TRAC EMU Traffic Data Monitoring System Brochure_TDC | 227 Kb PDF

HI-TRAC EMU Traffic Data Monitoring System Overview_TDC | 1.14 Mb PDF

IRD WIM data collection sys iSNC Lite | 614 Kb PDF

IRD WIM products iSINC electronics | 1.1 Mb PDF

RAKTEL 8010_Mikros | 1.04 Mb PDF

TelWinPlus Product Specification_Mikros | 853 Kb PDF

ViperWIM Datasheet_Applied Traffic | 90Kb PDF

General WIM Reference Document

Asset Mgt Guide Part 3 WIM Overload_QldTMR | 563 Kb PDF

Piezoelectric WIM Reference Documents

BL Piezo Electric Sensor Installation_TDC | 582 Kb PDF

HI-TRAC 100 HSWIM Data Collection and Pre-selection System_TDC | 2.21 Mb PDF

Planning a WIM Station_Kistler | 611 Kb PDF

Roadtrax BL Piezoelectric Axle Sensor_Central Weighing | 1.47 Mb PDF

WIM Calibration Reference Documents

HSWIM Calibration Instruction TEL Equipment_Mikros | 256 Kb PDF

Introduction To The Mass Calibration Function Of TeLWinPro_Mikros | 3.41 Mb PDF

Low Cost Calibration Management_MRWA | 257 Kb PDF


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