General Principles

To ensure that a WIM system performs throughout the established site design life, jurisdictions need to perform maintenance at each site.

Maintenance can either be corrective or preventive. Corrective maintenance repairs or replaces any malfunctioning equipment or roadway deterioration. Preventive maintenance ensures that the site will function properly by periodically inspecting the system and roadway.

  • Corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance is performed after a problem is detected in the system. These problems can be corrected in several ways. The first method is to adjust the parameters for axle weights, axle spacing, and vehicle overall length. The next method is to repair or replace faulty equipment detected during the QA procedure. A third method is to repair any problems detected in the roadway which could range from lane rutting before or after the sensor to extensive roadway deterioration.
  • Preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is performed in an attempt to circumvent future equipment and site problems. The following sections discuss the preventive maintenance principles for Culway, bending plate and piezoelectric WIM.





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