Culway Site Maintenance

It is recommended that each installation is checked at least once every six months.

This should include:

  • pavement integrity (depressions, potholes, cracks)
  • piezoelectric sensor and strain gauge installation (e.g. exposed or broken sensors and/or cables)
  • sensitivity and quality of signal from piezoelectric sensors and strain gauges (e.g. insulation resistance, inductance)
  • cabinet and/or enclosure condition and security (clean if necessary)
  • if necessary the lane needs to be closed for closer inspection and repairs (e.g. filling of cracks, fixing or replacing sensors and cables)
  • inspection of loggers, solar power system (if fitted), power supplies, batteries, surge protectors and modems (clean if necessary)
  • observing traffic for about one hour for comparison of actual traffic with logged data
  • documentation on relevant forms (WIM maintenance visits, volume and classification record comparison, adjustments made to sensor gains and thresholds).


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