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McCall and Vodrazka 1997

McCall, B & Vodrazka, WC 1997, State’s successful practices weigh-in-motion handbook, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC.

Middleton et. al. 2004

Middelton, D, Crawford J, Parker R, 2004, Planning for Traffic Monitoring Equipment Evaluation Facility, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA.

Mikros 2008a

Mikros 2008a, ‘Capacitive HSWIM product specification MS001-51000-40’, issue 7, Mikros Systems, Pretoria, South Africa.


Mikros 2005, ‘Installation of fixed capacitive HSWIM sensors MS001-96100-52’, issue 5, Mikros Systems, Pretoria, South Africa.


Mikros 2005b, ‘HSWIM calibration instruction TEL equipment MS001-00006-56’, issue 3, Mikros Systems, Pretoria, South Africa.


Mikros 2006, ‘TelWinPlus product specification MS001-94001-40’, issue 1, Mikros Systems, Pretoria, South Africa


Mikros 2008b, ‘Introduction to the mass calibration function of TelWinPro’, quick guide, Mikros Systems, Pretoria, South Africa.

MRWA 2008

Main Roads Western Australia 2008, ‘Status of weigh-in-motion (WIM) in Western Australia’, by F Mihai, presented at the National WIM forum, 2008, Hobart, Tasmania, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Tas.