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Annual average daily traffic


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


AASHTO 2006, Roadside design guide, 3rd ed., RSDG-3-M, American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, Washington DC, USA 


Axle group massĀ 


Automatic number plate recognition


American Society for Testing and Materials


A bridge-based strain gauge system developed by Main Roads Western Australia in the 1980s.

Bending plate

Mass sensor technology which incorporates a steel/rubber plate with strain gauges attached to its underside which develop a strain signal proportional to the deflection of the plate under a vehicle axle.

Capacitance pad

Mass sensor technology which incorporates a rubber and steel mat device consisting of three sheets of steel, separated by a soft rubber dielectric material.  Compression of the pad under a vehicle axle produces an increase in capacitance, which is interpreted as a mass.

Central Weighing

Queensland-based supplier of traffic count and WIM systems.

Congestion index

A measure of vehicle travel density on major roadways in an urban area.

CRD files

Files containing the raw Culway WIM data.


A conduit used to allow water to pass underneath a road.  Some culverts are built especially for the purpose of installing WIM system measuring devices underneath the road where they are not visible to drivers.


WIM systems involving mounting strain gauges onto culverts.


Drive axle mass